What is Keybound?

Keybound is a fantasy webcomic that follows the life of Eledrine Galea, a gnomish woman from the Seltienne Quarter of Mouleau. Eledrine spends the first part of her life knowing that she would have a fairly normal life in the villages: she would marry her betrothed, Valen Bell, continue training young gnomes in the ways of sword skills, and eventually pick up her mother's business. Her brother Fyodor was destined to be Keybound: he spent his childhood at the Keybound Academy learning about the world beyond the villages and training in anticipation of being bound to his Key. Their lives are irreversibly rerouted when a choice their parents had made before Eledrine was even born comes to light.

Keybound is about feeling lost in your twenties and trying to come to terms with yourself and the world you are in. Eledrine struggles with her shifting relationships, understanding and trying to connect with her family, and which obligations she wants to keep.

How often do you update?

When Keybound returns it will update on a MWF (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) schedule.

Who makes this comic?

My name is Shannon Dybvig. In addition to making Keybound, I am an artist, illustrator, and coder. You can read some of my other comics and view my art on my website!

Shannon Dybvig working in the studio

Do you do commissions?

The answer is often yes! Shoot me an e-mail with an idea of what you want me to draw and I'll give you a price quote. If you have a limited budget I can give you some options so you can still get a custom piece.